• Over Flying the Rosy City of Petra

    Among the Wonders of the World

  • Sky Breathing the City of Aqaba

    The Falcons Headquarters

  • Near the Great Arab Revolution Flag

    Aqaba - Jordan

  • Extra 300L vs Bugatti Veyron

    King Hussein International Airport - Aqaba

  • Inverted Pass Over the Mountains of Wadi Rum

    The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Royal Jordanian Falcons

The Royal Jordanian Falcons is a perennial national aerobatic team formed in 1976 at the initiative of His Majesty the Late King Hussein Bin Talal. It has an international reputation for precision, professionalism and spectacular performance.
Royal Jordanian Falcons function as a highly specialized asset for the promotion of Jordan, serving as the country's "roving ambassadors".

Their unique status as a professional aerobatic team allows them the opportunity not only to present the sophisticated state of aviation in Jordan, but also to promote goodwill and interest in their native country.
The Royal Jordanian Falcons team presently consist of 5 Extra-300 L aerobatic aircraft. The team headquarters has recently been transferred by Royal Decree to King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba (Red Sea), in an effort to enhance tourism and investment there.

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2015 Tour Schedule

Country Airshow Date
UK Yeovilton 11 July
UK Swansea 12 July
UK RIAT 18 & 19 July
UK Scottish National
Airshow 2015
25 & 26 July
Netherlands Texel 1 Aug
Denmark Roskilde 14 - 16 Aug
Poland Radom 22 & 23 Aug
Italy Rivolto 5 & 6 Sep

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